Hot printing

Hot printing is a technique to print directly the contrast element by applying at the same time pressure and heat.

Hot printing


Leather ennobling

It is possible to create products with various colours from a palette. We offer also gold and silver finishes and transparency effects, for a lighter finish, with clear or glossed rubber.
Hot printing

Male and female

Contrasting reliefs

Characterized by the use of two casts allows manufacturing reliefs on leather. On the material, that undergoes a thermal deformation between the two casts, reliefs get created to then be grown in two or three dimensions.
Hot printing

Foil printing

Gold, silver foil and more

With this kind of printing a foil is placed between the cast and the leather. This thin sheet (available in various colours, but mostly used in gold and silver) allow the image present on the cast to be transferred on the material with its same colour.
Synthetic Material

Hot printing

Interesting tonal variations

Hot printing can be done also on some synthetic materials depending on their characteristics. Among the one on which it is possible there are synthetic leather and Jacron.