High Frequency (HF)

High frequency printing is done through cliches that with microwave technology give volume to the materials to show images. Different relief heights and different textures are offered. The main advantage of this kind of manufacturing techniques is the freedom with whom it is possible to work with a vast selection of strong synthetic materials with high precision.

High Frequency

Screen Printing

Excellent resistance to washing

Used in combination with high frequency printing it is possible to create many kinds of products (pullers, trims, badges, charms, stickers…) with various colours for unique personalization, without losing our characteristic quality and strength.
High Frequency

Digital Printing

High definition and realistic images

Where high definition to create realistic images, or where a quicker delivery time is required compared to what screen printing necessitates, but without compromising quality, digital printing is the best manufacturing techniques. Combined with high frequency printing yields astonishing results.
High Frequency

Vast material choice

Unchanged colors and noticeable swellings

With a vast choice of techniques it is possible to choose basically any type of material because it will always be possible to find the best fitting manufacturing method.
High Frequency

Large Formats

High frequency without any limit

Thanks to the ability of printing also on large supports printing on bags, shoes and many kinds of garments.