Hot printing

Hot printing is a technique to print directly the contrast element by applying at the same time pressure and heat.

High Frequency (HF)

High frequency printing is done through cliches that with microwave technology give volume to the materials.


Using the plastic relief techniques it is possible to create accessories made of rubber of various thicknesses and colours.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that allows prints characterized by vibrant colours that are resistant to any kind of washing.


Trims, charms and pins made by experienced craftsmen.

Leather covered accessories

Bring life into every detail with buttons, snap-hooks, buckles and more covered in real or synthetic leather.


The first impression of a product is incredibly important, for this reason we make sure that the packaging format, regardless of its shape, conveys the goals of your brands in the most effective way possible.


Combining screen printing and high frequency printing it is possible to create tridimensional sticker with vibrant colours.